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About us

Since we met, Christina and I (Eduardo) have shared our love of dogs. It has become a passion.
Our story with Bernese Mountain Dogs is a love story, love at first sight. Bernies are, as experts affirm, "the most beautiful dog in the world." However, their physical beauty is comparable only to their marvellous disposition. The warmth and sweetness their look conveys is undescribable.
Each one of our dogs forms a part of our life and our family.
We are truly fortunate because our son, Martin, is growing up with them--sharing in their play and receiving all of their values: loyalty, nobleness, strength, bravery, carefulness, cheerfulness, gentleness and friendliness.
We live in a small village near Pamplona, surrounded by nature in a cool, mild climate, which agrees with them. Here, we enjoy them as a family in beautiful surroundings.
We would like to share our dream with you. Maybe you will become infected by our love for these marvellous dogs!